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MUSIC is the most ROMANTIC of all the ARTS - one might almost say, the only genuinely romantic one - for its sole subject is the INFINITE. Music discloses to man an unknown realm, a world in which he leaves behind him all definite feelings to surrender himself to an inexpressible longing.
-- Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Wilhelm (Amadeus)

REAL LIFE ADVENTURES: 'The opera has ended.  Please restore your husbands to their full, upright and locked positions'. Opera for Ninnies...that would be me

MIDI search as in choose which of 389 Happy Birthday versions you like's my favorite!

Comprehensive Classical MIDI collection with large file size

MIDIs from Romantic-, Classical-, Baroque-, and more- libraries

No MIDIs, but fantastic lists of phantasmal music to set a mysterious mood

Lots of MIDIs from extensive lists of categories

Basic selections of Classical MIDI with reasonable file size from Temple Magnet School whose Bethune program espouses: "As part of our activity classes, each Bethune student is fortunate enough to receive daily instruction in Music. The foundation is critical; the learning in this classes supports all other academic classes as the skills from math, science, social studies, and language arts culminate in this class for total application." Good for them!

Disney MIDIs

Interesting, if not erudite, Collection of MIDIs

Sir Launcelot's archive. A culturally rich and diverse collection.

Mario Herger's recommendation for searching for MIDIs

Includes: An Introduction to Classical Music; Composers' Bios (and likenesses) and their Works; Glossary of Musical Terms; Classical Music used in Films; An Introduction to Chinese Music; MIDI Gallery and more

Enya MIDIs

Opera for the Culturally Illiterate, by John Schultz, Tenor

Laura's MIDI Heaven

Monty Python MIDIs

Theme and Soundtrack MIDIs

Sounds and Music

Animation by C Weis

Thistle Patch Art Links

Artist Index at the WebMuseum, Paris

Neoclassicism at the WebMuseum, Paris

Impressionism at the WebMuseum, Paris

Gallery of all artists with thumbnails at the PosterShop

Monet at the PosterShop

Monet at the Thistle Patch

Photography Gallery links

We hope you enjoy your visit.Animation by C Weis

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