Blue at Eeyore's Thistle Patch
in The Hundred Acre Wood(lawn)

"Sitting on thistles doesn't do them any Good. Takes all the Life out of them."

From "Eeyore's Gloomy Little Instruction Book"

Welcome to the Pista de Blue web page of

Steve .

Their mommy tapes Pistas de Blue off the local Spanish telemundo station for them, and although they have English Blue's Clues tapes Kilory asks to watch it in "panish."


Kilory on her fourth birthday, 2-22-99 Kilory on her fourth birthday, 2-22-99 Kilory on her fourth birthday, 2-22-99 Nikki on her fourth birthday, 2-22-99 Nikki on her fourth birthday, 2-22-99 Nikki on her fourth birthday, 2-22-99
Nikki and Kilory on their fourth birthday at Sears Portrait Studio. I added Blue and Magenta's paw prints to their dresses -- which Kilory wants to wear for every occasion since. Nikki consented to wear less feminine photoshoot fashions as long as she had more pink paws than blue paws and she got to wear her Barbie watch. (She's envious of cousin Jesse Robert Snow Hines who had the auspicious honor of being born on Barbie's 40th birthday!)

Nikki and Kilory also like like Big Bird, Barney , the Cat in the Hat , dandelions , Pawpaw , and Tigger .

Ideas for a
Blue's Clues Party:

Decorations --

Make Ticketys by adding a face to your clocks
Put a face on your mailbox to make Mailbox
Make Pails and Shovels:
Put a face on red cups and use yellow plastic forks and/or spoons; or
Make place settings/party favors by putting faces on red cups and attaching shovels cut out of yellow paper. Write the child's name on Shovel.


We don't usually do birthday party presents at The Thistle Patch, but if and when we did, every time a present was about to be opened, we'd clap and chant

Present time,
Present time,
open a present, see what's inside!

And we'd make twin tags (one would be a name tag) of different shapes and colors (two red circles, two green triangles, two yellow squares)...we'd put one on the present and its twin name tag on the child who gave the present so the birthday child could guess the giver by matching the tags.

Song time:

Have a Happy Birthday You-oo!
And we'll have a great day, too-oo.
Everybody play 'cause it's [Blue's] special day...
Happy Birthday!

Shovel and Pail relay --
Place two or more pails on one end of the room/yard. Fill pails/boxes/baskets with stuff (coins, blocks, balls, candy) and place them at the other end. Divide players into as many teams as empty pails and have them use a shovel to take the items from the pails/boxes/baskets to the pail. The team with the first full pail wins.

Blue Bingo --
Make a bingo board using Blue's Clues characters -- using Blue's Clue's stickers or getting creative with your computer and the Blue's Clues Website . Place a character in different places on a nine squared board. Give one card to every player. Select a character and call it out until a child gets three characters in a row.

Pin the flag on Mailbox --
Make a flagless poster of Mailbox, visiting Blue's Clues Website if need be. Make pink flags with tape on the end. Blindfold players one at a time, turn them around, then have them tape the flag on the poster. Whoever gets their flag closest to the proper spot wins.

Party Favors:
~ Single serving cups of Mott's "Blue's Clues" applesauce
~ a sheet of Blue's Clues stickers
~ inexpensive pails and shovels
~ Take the top sheet off a yellow self-adhesive note pad (such as Post-Its) and print a thinking chair on it. I ran an 8.5X11 sheet of paper through my printer first, centered the yellow paper over it then sent it through the printer again. I also divided the pads to make 25-page Handy Dandy "Notebook" Party Favors instead of 50-page HDNPFs. I'm cheap.


Blue juice (Hi-C "Blue Cooler", etc.)
Blue ice pops
Blue ice cubes for drinks
Blueberry whatever
Blue's Paw Print Cake
: Make a round cake and four cupcakes from white or vanilla cake mix with "Berry Blue" Jell-o gelatin mix added in (add drops of blue food coloring to make it more blue-green than green-blue...but remember green IS Steve's favorite color). Frost with blue-colored icing. Place large round on platter and position the cupcakes at the 12-, 1-, 2, and 3-o-clock positions.

Link to great Blues Page with coloring pages and large Blue's Links site Link to great Blue's Page with coloring pages and large Blue's Links site

We hope you enjoy your visit.
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