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There are a heap of webpages out there that are for sending virtual thoughtfulnesses. These greetings may be in the form of cards, bouqets, presents, food, cartoons and just about anything else you can think of. There are cards for all occasions including Valentine's day, Christmas, New Years, and Birthdays. "Axe" decided to take the work away in searching and place as many links as he/she could for easy access. This is my revised version of his/her list with a cheerier backdrop. I'm editing this to make it a more family-oriented site (G to PG, instead of PG-13 to R) so if you find an "R" element please let me know. If you have a site "Axe" should add, email him at . Enjoy and happy sending.


* Alpha's Quadrant * CLCW * Motherhood and Housewifery
* Nikki & Kilory * Do the Baby Bop Hop * Barney and Freud Tour Vienna * I think I can I think I can
* Celebrating the Seasons * Hundred Acre Wood
* 2 Exhausted 2 Write Newsletter Archive * Thistle Patch Cybercards
* The Neglectful Gardener * Can of Worms * Garden Xeriscaping & Gramma
* Gloomy Grumpy Young Grampa * Teddy Bear Wars * Young Grampa vs. The Squirrels
* Dandelion Appreciation * Virtual Tea Party * Whoville * Green Eggs & Hams * The Zoo
* Chocolate * Green Gables in My Garden * I love Paris in the Springtime
* Like Cats & Dogs * Hedgehogs * Bats * Helen * The Biscuit of Ally McBeal
* Friend Links * Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy * The Galaxy Song
* Looney Camelot * Dragon Breath
* Calvin & Hobbes Philosophy for Darren "Tycho Brahe" Slider The Erudite
* Gorey Q * Donald and The... * The Doubtful Guest * Book of Practical Cats
* Uncle Melvin * Old Grampa * Photos * Family History & Photos * Civil War Diary of G. T. Granger
* Wes Stoops Memorial * Diana's Life Lessons *

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