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TheThistlePatch Postcard Site

1st Source E-cards -- Postcards from Hawaii, includes images of computer art, astronomy, Polynesia, and six Matisse images. It also allows users to use their own images via URL links and has an invitation to have the server add your image collections.

4x4 Now -- images of 4x4s and their trails. Go get a drink while the slow page is downloading, then go ALL the way to the bottom to access the postcard link.

21st Century Greeting Card Company -- this expensive commercial site offers a free card each month.

Abalone Greetings -- this commercial site has animated runtime cards that "only cost a few clams." There is one free sample and they will also send a card on diskette.

AdOnWeb's EnviroCards -- lists its cards by holiday, and includes some more unusual occasions.

@loha Greetings -- animated cards with sound that change for current holidays.

Aloha from Hawaii -- 12 Hawaiian vacation postcards.

Ambergris Caye Virtual Postcards -- images of Ambergris Caye, Belize. Uses the excellent Digital Postcard interface.

Angel's Stardust CyberCards -- cards for holidays and greetings in a variety of styles including animated, traditional, and cartoons.

Animails -- free animated greeting cards for many occasions, some with sound, and some Java-enhanced. Sends as an executable file with e-mail.

Animated Greetings -- these animated cards cost $1.95 but there is a free sample.

Animated Messages -- animated cards for many occasions that don't require downloading or plugins.

Animated Webpage Greetings -- for $5 US per month, this site will design a personalized greeting webpage. As with the other fee-based sites, it's up to you to decide if it's worth it...

Aphrodite's Love Palace Cards -- Valentine cards which serve well as love letters any time of year.

Aquanet's PostCard Service -- site from Israel with about 20 cartoony images to choose from.

Arizona WebHub Postcards -- award-winning images of Arizona.

Art a deux, Ltee Digital Postoffice -- "featuring Canadian Fine Art Greeting Cards."

Artphoto Greeting Card Company -- birthday and other notecards of high photographic quality.

Asia 1 Xmas Cards -- images for the Christmas holidays.

Asia Connect Post Office -- images of Asia, mostly street scenes.

Asiatravel Postcards -- click on one of the twelve countries in Asia to send postcards from that destination.

Astro Postcards -- This site has images representing the astrological signs.

AT&T's IndiaHorizons Postcards -- a few images from a site aimed at Indians (from Asia) in the United States.

"Awesome Cyber Cards!" TM -- cards for kids featuring computer-drawn animals. This site is updated often and generally has cards for all current holidays.

The Baby Net Electronic Greeting Cards -- a few cards celebrating the "joys" of parenting a new baby.

Baha'i WebCard -- cards for "unity," marriage, happy birthday, and good luck related to the Baha'i faith.

Barry's Digital Postcards -- all-occasion note cards and cards for current holidays.

Baskin Robbins E-cakes -- send a virtual birthday cake with this site. Includes regular and Shockwave flavors. Web Birthday Cards -- birthday cards of varying styles.

The Belize Digital Post Office -- cards from the small Central American nation. Uses the Digital Postcard interface.

Benetton Postcards -- images from Benetton print ads, sent as a MIME-encoded e-mail attachment. Different images every time you load the page.

Bell Canada's Virtual Christmas Card Site -- a Christmas site with very nice images (some animated) and sounds. My Christmas site of choice!

Berenger Vineyards E-Cards -- pictures of the vineyard's "Rhine House" in three seasons.

B-Guide Send a Postcard -- from Beatrice's Web Guide, a few of her favourite pictures to send as postcards. Includes Thelma and Louise, King Kong, and others.

Bishop Museum, the Aloha Electric Postcard Rack -- images from the Bishop Museum, Hawaii's state museum of Natural and Cultural History.

Black Star Beer Post Office -- images from Whitefish, Montana, the home of this beer company. You will only see one image at a time, click on "new image" to see others.

Blue Mountain Arts Animated Electronic Greeting Cards -- cards with animated text and images in the following categories: friend, happy birthday, love, graduation, thank you, support, family, thinking of you, and a few current holidays.

Blueberry Post-a-Card -- a British site with cards for holidays, and some featuring cartoons about computers.

B-Mail -- one "thank you" card and one smiley face with a talk balloon...

Bolomedia Greetings -- a few very nicely done cards which this site describes as being "to capture every emotional moment you might want to share in your life... Love, Hate, Controlling and just Plain Ticked Off!" Despite that strange grammar and capitalization, I would describe this site as a very solid one which requires Shockwave.

Bonbons Away -- in this site, you choose from many different kinds of chocolates to make an "assortment" to send to a friend. Cute, but you don't get to include any kind of message.

Boomtown City E-Cards -- cards for birthdays, holidays, wildlife, floral, personal, retro, announcements, and cards advertising "Boomtown City." This site has existed in several versions but the new version is much improved.

Bouloussa's CyberSpace Postcards -- this simple site lets you use any image with a URL in cyberspace as your postcard. The possibilities are endless. However, the e-mail to your postcard recipient will be in French.

Boxtop Postcards -- visually interesting cards advertising sent as e-mail attachments.

Branch Mall Free Christmas Cards -- a few Christmas cards, most images of outdoor holiday light displays.

Bruna Valentijnsboek -- Dutch Valentine's cards.

Bryant Postcards -- pictures of Bryant's campus.

Buffalo.Net Card Maker -- this site lets you send a message and choose separator bars, text colour, and background image.

Build-A-Card -- a variety of notecard-like backgrounds on which to write your messages.

Bulldog Postcards -- photographs of various bulldogs.

Bunch of Bloomers Postcards -- various images; different languages; music capabilities; delayed delivery options.

Byte-size Greetings -- a fine site with cards for most greeting card occasions. Great images and easy to use.

The Camera -- here you can take images from a Webcam pointing outside a cafe in Amsterdam, choose a frame, and send as a postcard.

Car Talk Postcard Center -- cards featuring the Car Talk guys ("You drive a what?? Hahahahaha!").... -- a site with cards for the most current holidays.

The Cardmaster -- cards for all occasions including birthdays and current holidays, many with Chinese themes. Also has a virtual horoscope feature.

Cartao Postal -- this Brazillian site has a few assorted animal, scenery, and miscellaneous images.

CCC Net Free Postcard Service -- animals, landscapes, Romanian images, and comics (including the charming "kill me if you don't want me" card.)

CCC Postales -- a few images of scenery.

Celebrity Merchandise Postcards -- postcards featuring a few celebrities (the selection rotates.)

Chinese Cyber City Postcards -- Valentines, Chinese New Year, Thank You, and Birthday cards, many with a Chinese flavor.

Chinese New Year Cards -- a few Chinese images.

Christian Internet Resources Postcards -- this Christian-related site has postcards ranging from "Having fun on the net!" to "As surely as we died with Christ..." -- this Christmas-related site has cards and much more for the holidays.

Christmas Seals -- sends images of 50 different (one for each of the United States) images that appear on Christmas Seals for the American Lung Association.

Chronicle Books Electronic Postcards -- cards featuring beautiful and interesting images from this publisher's books.

Coca-Cola E-cards -- Coke-related cards that change every month.

Colorado Postcard Maker -- images of Colorado and animals.

Commerce Asia's Electronic Greeting Card -- a few musical greeting cards for various holidays.

The Computer Museum Network's Electronic Postcard Rack -- images from computing history from the Computer Museum.

Connect Time Season's Greetings -- a few holiday cards, including ones for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Connect Time Valentine's Greetings -- cute computer-related Valentine greetings.

Corvette Postcards from the Web -- a collection of cards for all occasions, birthdays, and special holidays all with Vette themes.

Create a Card -- a somewhat awkward ASCII card maker that sends the whole thing in an e-mail. You can use it for your stone-age friends who don't have browsers...

Crooked I Postcards -- click on "post office" to see cards featuring these urban comic book images.

Crushed Card Company -- this site has cards featuring stick figures with attitudes. Also sells "real" cards.

Cyber Greetings -- this site has seasonal cards, images from many sources arranged by artist, and a "top ten" category where he puts the cards that were most popular the previous week. This site is "new and improved" from its previous state, so take a look....

CyberCard -- several images of sunsets, some microscopic photography, and weather maps of Australia.

Cybercard -- cards for birthdays, thank yous, engagements, wedding, get well, retirement, and other occasions.

CyberCheer -- this site has images ranging from teddy bears to astronomy, and lets you choose browsing from text descriptions or thumbnails, and lets you use either a .jpg or a .gif as your final image. You must register but the service is free.

Cyberglamour Postcards -- a few images of attractive women; the site suggests you send one as a "virtual date."

Cyberzoo -- cards featuring animals from the San Diego Zoo.

Cybr Cards -- a large number of cards for every possible reason for a fee, but there's always a "free card of the week."

The Cyrano Server -- have Cyrano write your love notes for you...

Daily Diversions -- chooses a new image daily in several different categories including: anime, body art, flowers, drugs, stamps, and cities.

Dear Valentine -- another Valentines' site, includes the ever-charming "love me or die" card.

Destination: Nova Scotia -- images of the beautiful Canadian province.

Diesel Postcards -- many very hip postcards, some with advertisements for this company's clothing on them. Includes some rather unique and interesting images.

The Digital Postcard -- Great site

Digital Postcards from Turkey -- a few images from Turkey, with explanations.

digitalNATION Electronic Greeting Card Center -- a few images: a butterfly, a bikini girl, a shrimp, a koala, flowers, and a zebra

Diva Postcards -- these cards feature art by women with a wide variety of unique images.

Dogs of Soho -- images of dogs in the city. "Toss a Dog-O-gram" to your best friend.

DPPlus PostCard Center -- a few (very) miscellaneous images.

Dumpster Diver -- send random "knickknacks, crazy clothing, frightening food, terrible toys, awful appliances, and other bizarre stuff" to your friends which you've virtually pulled out of a dumpster to send to them. How thoughtful!

Durban Experience -- travel postcards from "Africa's Hot City."

E! Online Send a Valentine -- Valentine's cards featuring movie and TV stars. Includes the cast of Friends , Brad Pitt, Jenny McCarthy, etc.

Earthvision Postcards -- all the cards have the company's logo on them.

E-Bouquet -- virtual flowers, including some occasion-specific arrangements.

E-card -- cards with animation you can download as executable files. Does not send cards.

The E-card Shop -- Includes a few images of hearts, flowers, and scenery.

Ecard Shoppe -- get well, thank you, and cards for a few holidays. Charges $1.99 per card.

E-Cards -- cards with art, international, and holiday images. Each card sent benefits the World Wildlife Fund.

E-cards at Ahmeds -- browse around in the different categories for a very eclectic collection of images, including postcards of London, a picture of strawberries, the Supreme Court building, a box wrapped in plain brown paper, and some sentimental poetry.

EGC (Electronic Greeting Card) -- cards for current holidays, birthdays, romance, and other categories. You can also use any image with a URL in cyberspace as your image.

E-Kissing Booth -- Send someone a virtual smooch.

The Electric Postcard -- one of the nicer and more popular sites. A good collection of images, mostly fine art and photography, but also includes things such as insect drawings, Alice in Wonderland engravings, and a nice fish.

Electric Postcards, Syracuse Online Branch -- images of Syracuse in many seasons including the NY State Fair and Orangemen sports teams.

Electronic Greeting Card -- a few cards: "good luck" (on exams,) "I love you," "have a good trip," "happy birthday," "get well soon," and "surprise!" featuring a little bald happy-faced cartoon person...

De Electronische Postcard -- a postcard site from the Netherlands.

Energizer's "Send Somebunny an Electric Greeting" -- images of the Energizer Bunny (he keeps going and going....)

Eskimo Joe's Postoffice -- images featuring the grinning "Eskimo Joe," the mascot of this website.

Express Postcards -- fashion postcards from the clothing chain featuring models in their clothes. You must become a member (it's free) to use this service.

EZ-Cards -- a few images here, some with computer art, some that advertise this server, and one cheesecake shot.

Fall River Decorative Arts Virtual Postcards -- images based on this craft company's "pattern packets."

Farcus -- click on any of the work-related cartoons in this site to send them as postcards.

Fastball FastCards -- baseball postcards from a comprehensive baseball site.

Felix E-mail Cards -- cutesy kitty cat drawing cards. Sends them as an e-mail message with the graphic encoded (Macintosh format) rather than being available on the WWW.

Ferrari Postcards -- images of old Ferarris.

Flanders Coast Mail Services -- cards with images of this Belgian resort area.

Flash Cards -- this site has a slick frames interface and great-looking cards (with sound bytes) in several categories. You can also use any image in cyberspace as your postcard (and sounds) when you "create your own" card.

Fonte Santafiora Postcards -- postcards of Tuscany from the Fonte Santafiora Natural Spring Water company.

Free Christmas Cards -- cards for the holiday season.

Free Holiday GIFt Center -- send a holiday related image to a friend.

Free 1-Step Personalized Internet Web Card -- this site is set up for current holidays.

Freeway Enterprises Greeting Cards -- lets you create a page in HTML as a greeting card, includes a collection of images.

Fringe Post Office -- cards from Edmonton's Fringe Theatre Festival.

Garfield Greetings -- images of the comic strip cat Garfield accompanied by various goofy sayings.

Gateway 2000 Cow Kiss Service -- doesn't send any cards but simply a message saying you've been kissed by one of the Gateway cows. Weird, but included for the bovine fans out there...

Gator Postcards -- postcards featuring football images for fans of the University of Florida.

Gay Daze Postcardz -- this site has a few gay-oriented cards.

GESTURES -- cards for many occasions, some with animation and sound. A well-done site. Especially good if you like frogs.

Glenn Powers' B&W Photo Postcards -- a sampling of this photographer's work, defies simple classification.

Go-Card -- a postcard site in Danish. Worth figuring out, as some of the regularly changing images are often great.

Go Greetings -- cards in the following categories: "holiday, occasion, office, and specialty." Promises to have different national versions soon (including Canada, eh?)

GreeThings -- this site has nicely done cartoon images for a large number of occasions. An excellent selection.

Greetings From Bakkeveen -- a few travel-type postcards from Bakkeveen.

Greetings from FOX -- postcards sent as e-mail attachments featuring stars from FOX television shows. Includes The X-files, Melrose Place, Married With Children, The Simpsons, MadTV, and more.

Greetings From Malibu -- Malibu postcards from Malibu Rum.

Guess Postcards -- this site features images from Guess? print ads featuring black and white shots of models in this company's clothing.

Guinness Webcards -- sends a short quote you enter in the graphical style of current Guinness print ads as your image.

Gund Greetings -- a few very cute postcards from the stuffed animal company.

Hallmark Connections E-greetings -- a few assorted cards (some animated) from the Hallmark company.

HawleyNet Postcards -- postcards from Ottawa and Canada's National Capital Region.

HawleyNet Christmas Postcards -- a selection of holiday cards, including one for Hanukkah.

Healself Holistic Greeting Cards -- cards with a holistic medicine theme. These make interesting get-well cards....

Hieroglyph Encoder -- Just remember that once you OK your hieroglyphed message you need to click on your mail icon to forward the link to your recipient.

High Sonoran Adventures Postcards -- a few nature and bicycling images.

Hitchhikers Electronic Greeting Card Center -- a few cards: puppies, penguins, a roller coaster, scenery, hot air balloons, and a butterfly.

Hotwheels E-mail Postcards -- cards from the toy car company, sent as e-mail attachments.

House of Cards -- this family-oriented site has very good images for birthdays, birth announcements, congratulations, and thank you cards, as well as cards for current holidays.

Hungry Mind Review Postcards -- literary images, and a chance to win a contest by recommending a good book to a friend.

iFlowers -- this commercial site (from which you can buy real flowers) has free virtual flower arrangements to send online. This site now includes music (MIDI style) and free musical screen savers.

IKEA Postcard -- postcards from the wonderful furniture emporium.

Illawarra Postcards -- a few vacation postcards and a nice bagpiper card...

Image Soup Postcards -- fine art, St. Louis, and a nice toaster...

Income Virtual Greeting Cards -- a wedding, birthday, and newborn baby card. The last of the three is strange, showing a cartoon baby in a most non-infantlike pose.

Infiniti of Beverly Hills Electronic Post Office -- postcards from an Infiniti car dealership in California.

InfoMAL Christmas Greetings -- offers a few cards for the holidays which could be considered vaguely Christmas-like...

Intel Internet Postcard -- a new Java-based Internet postcard sending system developed by Intel. It requires the downloading of their software and has a long list of system requirements.

Interconnect Cyberspace Electronic Postcard Shop -- images of cars, art, flowers, holidays, landscapes and wildlife. Nice quality large pictures.

Internet Flora -- sends ASCII art flowers (and a few assorted other images) via e-mail.

Internet Greeting Cards -- a small number of images, but lets you choose from a variety of backgrounds and text colours.

Internet Online Programs Card Gallery -- a small number of cute and sentimental cards.

The Internote -- images for a variety of friendly sentiments...

IRDU's Digital Greeting Card Centre -- send a card for Deepavali, the Indian festival of lights.

Island Postcards -- an Irish site with images of beer, spanking, rugby, and pubs.

iX media Carte de noel -- a card site in French that allows you to design an image that looks like an open Christmas card.

Jingle All the Way Cards cards from the Christmas movie Jingle All the Way .

Joe Boxer Postcards -- a few postcards featuring ads from the men's underwear company.

Jolly Rancher Postcard Rack -- cards from the candy company.

Jørn's Post-Cards -- fine art postcards from Jørn Bjerge Studio .

Kellogg E-cards -- cards featuring characters from Kellogg cereals including Tony the Tiger, Dig'Em and Toucan Sam.

Kelly's Christmas Cards -- a few nice Christmas cards featuring tree and Santa images.

Kentucky Postcards -- some nice images of Kentucky, but you don't get to see the actual image until after you send it (you choose from a list of descriptions.)

Kids World -- three e-cards featuring cartoon characters from this site.

KidSoft Postcards -- a few cards aimed at kids including "get well" and "happy birthday" and a holiday card or two.

Kimon O'Gram -- from Japan, cards featuring photographs of kimonos.

KMP Internet Solutions Postcard -- a few holiday cards advertising this website which feature the statue "The Thinker" in different states of holiday cheer....

Kodak Digital Science Picture Postcard -- at this site, one can download software that enables them to use digital images in a "postcard" and e-mail them from one user to another without passing through a server. Compatible with various image formats as well as being able to directly access images in Kodak digital cameras. Versions available for Windows 95 and Macintosh operating systems.

Kodak Picture This Multimedia Postcards -- cards featuring animals, flowers, cities, scenery, holiday cards, and many others. Some are animated and require Shockwave.

KSL-TV Outdoors Postcards -- a few nice outdoor images of Utah.

Lamplink Electronic Bookmark Cards -- these thank-you, new baby, wedding, new home, and holiday cards come with your personalized message as well as many link to web sites on the subject. For example, a new baby card would come accompanied by a list of links to sites helpful for new parents.

LeaderShopping PageCard -- a Brazilian site with cartoon images as well as hearts and flowers.

Leanin' Tree Electronic Cards -- hand tinted Western themed images.

Leeds Postcards -- with this site, your recipient will receive their message in an e-mail along with the URL for the image you have selected. A bit awkward, but the images are great.

Leningrad Cowboys Sibercard -- this site has a pre-written message with blanks for you to fill in and some strange futuristic artwork as images.

Leningrad Cowboys XmasCard Server -- the same format as the above site, but with strange Christmas drawings for images. Christmas Cards -- holiday and winter-themed cards.

Life's Little Instruction Book Postcard Central -- choose from a selection of sayings from Life's Little Instruction Book then choose a border for it to create your postcard.

LinkServe USA Greeting Card Center -- cards for holidays, special occasions, and some postcards with scenery and other images. In English and Chinese. Supports sending cards at a later date.

Lion King Postcards -- postcards featuring images from the Disney movie.

Little Koala Postcards -- fine art images of mothers with small children, including breastfeeding images. Paintings by Picasso, Cassatt, and Guido Reni. Cards -- Congratulations and Thank You cards featuring cartoon dogs playing sports and cheerleading... Postcards -- baby animals, flowers and scenery.

Love Life Radio's Postcards From Paradise -- a few images of Hawaiian scenery.

Lovvahuggasnuggleysoppy Hugorama Form -- out of alt.cuddle springs this shamelessly "cute" site which will send a virtual hug, snuggle, or cuddle to someone along with ASCII art if you so choose. Not for those with weak stomachs...

Mail a Meal Gourmet Postcards -- images of all kinds of food and beverages, including desserts and appetizers. Nice photography and guaranteed fat-free!

The Mail Exchange -- this site about penpals has a few images of stamped letters and other images, using The Digital Postcard's fine interface.

Maine Internetworks WebCard -- holiday cards, including one for New Year's greetings.

Major League Soccer Electronic Postcards -- postcards featuring members of the new United States Major League Soccer teams. Sends the card as an e-mail attachment.

Marketing Mix Electronic Postcards -- a few eye-catching images that defy categorization.

M@x Racks -- you have to register to use this site but it is free. It's a great looking page with interesting art, advertising, and pop culture images.

MegaMall Electronic Greeting Card Center -- several nice images here, including some interesting artwork. Also allows any image in cyberspace to be used as your postcard.

Mexico Internet -- the images of Mexico in the gallery at this site can be sent as postcards.

Mount Vernon Image Gallery and Trading Cards -- cards featuring George Washington and his estate.

Mountain Travel Sobek Postcards -- 50 images of wildlife, landscapes, rafting, rainbows, and waterfalls.

Mr. Showbiz Postcards -- postcards which look as if they came from an extremely hip alphabet book.

Multimedia Greeting Cards -- another site with cards that are executable files to download rather than being a site that sends cards. These are very nice, and include animation and sound.

Multimedia Interactive Greetings -- this commercial site has a few downloadable executable file cards for free.

The Musical Cardshop -- cards for all occasions with MIDI music files that you can attach.

Free Freebies Online -- Another index of Internet Freebies, most of which are e-cards.