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TheThistlePatch Postcard Site

National Geographic Society Postcards -- Wild Cards: Getting to know your favorite wild animals is easy. These informative cards feature fun facts about some of the most popular beasts in the animal kingdom.

National Geophysical Data Center Postcards -- this site has a large number of geographical, meteorological, and scenic images.

Net Dreams' "Send a Postcard to a Friend" -- cards for current holidays.

Net Toob Video Postcards -- a few video postards, each about 60K and 5 seconds long, having to do with TV shows and movies.

NetCard -- this site from Brazil has many images of Brazilian scenery, cards for holidays, and other miscellaneous images.

Netgate Cards -- a few very interesting cards on this Dutch site.

NetGreetings -- cards for birthdays, announcements, thank you, get well soon, weddings, children, pets, nature, sports, wildlife, as well as current holidays.

Netshack Postkort -- this site has a very large number of images including Norway scenes, flowers, pop art, supermodels, Japanese animation stills, erotica, and images of stars (mostly of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.) It's a Norwegian site, but easy to navigate even if you don't speak the language. Your recipient, however, will have to figure out what's going on from a Norwegian e-mail notification.

New Asia Singapore Postcard Creator -- images of Singapore.

New York City E-Mail Postcards -- under valentines and December holidays you can send ASCII art cards delivered as e-mail which look like a 3/4 opened greeting card with your message inside.

Norton's Flowers and Gifts E-mail Flowers -- virtual flowers from one of the biggest FTD florists. They also deliver real flowers worldwide.

NOTAM's Post Office -- images of Asian beauties, dogs, kids, and flowers.

Ogabe's Postcard Office -- rollerblading, computer art, and a few other assorted images.

Old Montana Virtual West Postcards -- a few tacky (in a good way) cards from Montana.

Olympic Postcards -- postcards celebrating the Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta.

On-Line Animated Greeting Cards -- this commercial site has a few downloadable executable file cards for free.

Online Flower Stall -- more virtual flowers! "Lasts 10x longer than cut flowers from the florist down the road."

Optimizms Electronic Post Cards -- a variety of optimistic and motivational messages.

Orangetree Postcards -- postcards from a golf resort.

Ottawa Postcards -- a few images from Ottawa promoting tourism. My current home!

Outdoor Adventure River Specialist Postcards -- images of rafting, rivers, and the outdoors in general.

Pacific Products Electronic Greeting Cards -- animals, babies, a roller coaster, a clown, scenery, and some holiday images.

Pagan Postcards -- interesting nature, tribal, Wicca-related, and other images for many occasions.

Palm Beach Post Cards -- cards with scenery and themes from Palm Beach, Florida.

Panda Postcards -- postcards featuring many images of Pandas, including the Red Panda...

The Park Virtual Flower Shop -- nice images of bouquets and wild flowers.

The Park Virtual Postcard Shop -- great images of wild animals and nature scenes.

Parsons Technology CardShop -- cards for birthdays, anniversaries, other holidays, and a few miscellaneous images.

Passion and Postcards -- romantic and suggestive cards for the one you love.

Phi Theta Kappa Postcards -- the society's logo and images of Washington, DC.

Phillip's Free Virtual Flowers Site -- more virtual flowers!

Photosnaps -- picture postcards of Hawaii.

Piersite Virtual Postcards -- artwork and greeting cards (some in Italian.)

Pinkbox Friends Card -- cute cards with teddy bears, hearts, and flowers.

Pixelmotion Cards -- a few cards, each with the company's logo, meant to advertise their web-developing services.

Planet Hollywood Postcards -- cards featuring Planet Hollywood restaurants and some of the stars which have appeared at the various locations.

Planet Reebok Postcard Message Center -- doodly-drawing postcards, lots of lime green....

Planet Swoon Horoscopes -- send today's horoscope to a friend along with a personal message.

Planet Wellness Virtual Greetings -- a great selection of images for birthdays, holidays, invitations, congratulations, announcements, as well as flowers and other types of images for many occasions.

Pocket Internet -- includes images for birthdays and other holidays. Doesn't send the images as cards, but has a link to the Digital Postcard from which you can send any of the images by entering their URL.

Poetry in Motion Postcards -- postcards featuring poems for a variety of sentiments.

The Postcard Shop -- baby animals, flowers, and scenery.

Postcards from Ping -- a few computerized art images.

Postcards from Spring Training -- images of baseball's spring training in Florida.

Postcards from the Edge of America -- some Cape Cod, Provincetown, and other assorted images.

Postcards from the Emirates -- images of the United Arab Emirates, from cityscapes to desert scenes.

Postcards from the Mountain -- postcards of mountain vistas.

Postcards from the Net -- a postcard sending/receiving application you can download at this site.

Postcards from the Pacific -- postcards from Guam.

Postcards from the Web -- excellent animated cards for birthdays, love, office humor, and other holidays and occasions.

Postkarten aus Nurnberg -- images of historical and modern Nurnberg.

Poteidaia Post Office -- postcards featuring images from Xena the Warrior Princess' TV show.

Preview Vacations' Postcards -- many beautiful vacation postcards. Pretend you were there.

Primordial Soup Kitchen -- many of the images that go along with "recipes" on this interesting site have small envelope icons next to them. Click on these icons to send that image as a postcard.

Prince Edward Island Greeting Card Centre -- cards featuring images of beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Printmaster Valentine's Postcards -- some great Valentine's cards.

Promo Grafika Post Office -- postcards featuring sailboats.

Proweb Internet Postcard Service -- birthday cards and cards featuring a cartoon alien they call "Webi." The "Webi" birthday card includes animation and sound.

Public Broadcasting Service Birthday Cyber-greetings -- a variety of images to combine to design your own cyber birthday cards.

Public Broadcasting Service Holiday Cyber Greetings -- holiday cards from PBS.

Puzzle Postcards -- a few images derived from cartoons.

PyramidMedia Postcards -- a few postcards from this film company featuring stills from their short films.

Pythonline Abuse -- doesn't send cards, but merely e-mail insults. It's so silly that I had to include it however....

Qpid Cards -- a super collection of Valentine's cards, some with sound, and animation (including Shockwaved cards!) An excellent Valentine's site.

QTI Electronics' Send a Postcard -- four images of dead U.S. presidents, which seem suspiciously similar to those found on money.

Rapoport's Internet Postcard Site -- Russian-themed images, landscapes, congratulations, flowers, horror movie images, cats, and a few other assorted images.

Retro Postcard Depot -- various old-fashioned images for holidays, birthdays, weddings and engagements, baby cards, and other miscellaneous subjects. Many wonderful 19th and early 20th Century images.

Rick Dees Digital Postcards -- two cards featuring the DJ from the top 40 radio show.

Rock 'N Road Postcards -- postcards from a rock climbing website.

Romeo and Juliet Postcards -- cards featuring scenes from the fantastic film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

Roxane Pain Institute Internet Postcard -- only 1 postcard which says, "Roxane Pain Institute Postcard."

Royal Caribbean E-Cards -- images of tropical destinations and cruise ships.

Russian Virtual Postcards -- a postcard site in Russian.

The Sacred Pools Electronic Postcards -- cards featuring images from The Sacred Pools CD-ROM game. Sends cards as e-mail attachments.

SaigonNet Greeting Card Center -- images of Vietnam.

SALAM Indonesian WebPostcard Service -- Indonesian-themed images.

Schnauzer Ware's Electronic Greeting Cards -- cards featuring Schnauzers.

Scotch Postcards -- postcards of Scotland and scotch whisky.

Seattle Square Send a Postcard -- images of Seattle and some seasonal cards.

Seattle Square Postcard Lounge -- cards featuring Seattle musicians in performance...

Send @ Card -- this site has cards for a few occasions featuring drawings of little children...

Send a Kiss -- send a virtual kiss over the Internet with this Australian site.

Send your friend a cybersandwich -- choose from a number of virtual sandwiches and send one to a friend. They will also receive the recipe for the real sandwich and a mayonaisse advertisement.

Shakespeare by the Sea Postcards -- Shakespearean images from a theatre company in Nova Scotia.

Shawna's Virtual Flower Shop -- a very good selection of images of floral arrangements.

Shambhala Publications Postcards -- this publisher features cards with illustrations from recent books.

Sharon's Postcards -- cards of horses, sea mammals, and scenery of England.

Shiner Bock Hospitality Bar -- send a virtual beer from this site.

Shockcard Server -- animated cards that require the Netscape Shockwave plug-in. Great images!

Singing Hills Resort Postcards -- two golf-related postcards from this country club near San Diego.

Skid Row Postcards -- Cards featuring the band Skid Row .

Skynet Electronic Postcards -- pictures of Brazil, landscapes, flowers, and animals, includes the feature which allows any image from cyberspace to be your image.

S.N.A.C.'s Postcards From the Edge -- postcards of the outdoors in the beautiful Northern California Sierra Nevada region.

Someone Sent You a Wildlife Baby! -- cute pictures of baby animals.

Someone Sent You Flowers! -- another virtual flowers site. This one has several unusual varieties.

Spitfire Grill E-cards -- cards from the film and a recipe for chocolate merengues.

Spiv E-cards -- hip cards advertising

Spedisci una cartolina da... -- this Italian site has images of scenery and buildings that change often.

Spectral Media Internet Postcards -- a picture of the moon landing, some fighter jets, and several selections of scenery.

Sporting Adventures Post Card -- images of animals and nature, many from Africa.

Sterba Virtual Postcard -- plants, animals, skateboarders, pictures of Sonoma State University, and a few miscellaneous images.

Starnet Flower Server -- another virtual flowers site! Choose what size bouquet and/or type of flowers you want to send...

Starnet Holiday Cards -- holiday cards that have been up since last year...

Star Trek -- see TrekCards

Stoli Notes -- cards from Stolichnaya Vodka...

Striptease Postcards -- cards from Demi Moore's movie Striptease . Home of the "Want to touch my monkey?" card....

Tabasco Post Office -- four cards featuring bottles of Tabasco sauce done in four different artistic styles. Spicy! NetCARDs -- cards with images of people, scenery, and animals.

Der Telegraaf -- a few Christmas cards from the Netherlands.

Texas Postcards -- images from all parts of Texas.

That Thing You Do!


Waterhouse images of Camelot -- 'Postcards of Enchantment'

Worf and Jadzia CyberCards -- Send a Klingon/Trill par'Mach letter.